US Soccer Maps

Following the popularity of the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) at the 2014 World Cup, I put together several amps for my friends that were interested in knowing what teams were close to them. Additionally, I created a map showing American Outlaw’s (unofficial supporters group for the USMNT) chapters. If you notice any issues with the maps, please comment below.

This is a map of all US (& Canadian) Soccer Teams. Teams include those from the Major League Soccer (MLS) Division 1, North American Soccer League (NASL) Division 2, and United Soccer Leagues professional Division (USL Pro) Division 3 along with expansion clubs.

These are two maps showing the United Soccer leagues Premier Development (USL PDL) and National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) teams. These are sanctioned through the United States Soccer Federation.

The American Outlaws (A.O.) is the unofficial supporters group for the USMNT. Locations show the AO bar in the area.


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