I have compiled a list of grants for researchers (undergraduate and graduate) that I think would be useful to colleagues. They cover a range of topics, but focus on geology and archaeology. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to comment.

The grants are organized as such:
Organization (Deadline) — Brief description (Website).


Sigma Xi (15 MAR & 15 OCT) — (Website)

Geologic Society for America Student Research Grants (~1 FEB) — (Website)

Geologic Society for America Southeastern Section Graduate Research Grant (due with above grant application) — (Website)

Geologic Society for America Southeastern Section Undergraduate Research Grant (1 APR) — (PDF Link, Website)

Roy J. Shlemon Scholarship Fund for Engineering Geology (~15 MAR) — Provided by the Geologic Society for America’s Environmental and Engineering Geology Division (PDF Link)

National Speleological Society Research Grants (Rolling, JUN & JAN) — (Website)

Ralph W. Stone Graduate Fellowship in Cave and Karst Studies (~15 MAR) — Provided by the National Speleological Society (Website)

Cave Research Foundation (~1 MAR) — (Website)

National Geographic

Waitts Grant (rolling basis) — (Website)

Expeditions Council Grants (rolling basis) — (Website)

Committee for Research and Exploration Grants (rolling basis) — (Website)

Young Explorers Grants (rolling basis) — Applicant must be under 25 years old. (Website)


Claude C. Albritton, Jr. Award (~ 15 MAR) — Provided by the Geologic Society for America’s Archaeological Geology Division (Website)