Customizing the ArcMap Interface

Description of the Problem

Several associates have been spending a lot of time trying to get to the tools they often use or simply cannot find the ones they need within ArcMap. In order to increase their work efficiency they need a tool bar created which contains all their tools.

Strategies of Solving the Problem

The problem was approached by finding out what tools the associates needed to readily access. Other tools were then added to this toolbar to provide custom functionality not normally accessible from other toolbars.


Needs for the associates were collected from their report. Taking these needs into consideration, a tool bar was created containing Save Edits, Edit Tools, Rotate Tool, and Curve Calculator. After building this toolbar, another tool had to be located and downloaded from ESRI’s Add-Ins – Easy Calculate (10). Once this tool was installed it was added to the customized toolbar.

GIF showing the open menu
GIF showing the open menu (Click to enlarge)
GIF showing the Easy Calculate 10 tool
GIF showing the Easy Calculate 10 tool (Click to enlarge)

Reflection and Ideas of Other Applications

Customizing ArcMap’s interface allows researchers to more rapidly access tools that they can use frequency or that they otherwise could not find on other toolbars (as was the illustrated with Easy Calculate). This capability could significantly increase the productivity of researchers and/or allow them to realize there are even more tools in ArcMap which enhances the capabilities of ArcMap.