Printing within Moments

Shortly after getting my 3D printer from Amazon, I was printing. I checked out two videos (MixedMuscleArts & Sim Hardware) on YouTube about unboxing and setting up the printer just to see what issues they might have encountered. There were a few, just as with any major electronic thing such as a desktop computer, but nothing too serious. It was pretty amazing how fast the printers were able to be set-up.

I had my printer set-up within roughly an hour. After that, I inserted the included MicroSD card and started printing gcode files. Within maybe an hour, I had my first print. It was funny, I felt accomplished dispite me barely having anything to do with creating the new print.


Soon there after, I was looking up modifications on Thingiverse and more generally on the web for my new Monoprice Maker Select v2.1. Interestingly, I found the Wanhao i3 to be just as good of a search term for modifications to the printer. So, if you get this printer, I highly recommend looking for both.